Kiribati: To flee or adopt futuristic techno-islands?

Kiribati: To flee or adopt futuristic techno-islands?

Science fiction is now–especially for islands facing the threat of sea level rise. A Japanese company just proposed a futuristic design for replacement islands, once the nation is submerged under future seas. In addition, the first Kiribati man is claiming climate refugee status in New Zealand.

The Island President: climate change now

An extremely compelling biographical film about the former (as of last year) president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed. He was been arrested several times, imprisoned, and beaten before being the first democratically elected leader of the Maldives. I realized I need to read up on the situation more because only last year was there a coup that terminated his governance, and it’s likely that all the hard work he did to help move the Maldives towards being carbon neutral–and fight for global cooperation to lower carbon emissions–will stop.

Giant Pacific Octopus: New activism after hunting images posted

A 19-year old diver posted photos of himself holding the giant pacific octopus he legally caught–and they went viral.  From what I’ve read, it seems like he was within his rights, but on the way out of the water, he ran into two other divers who were going to the area specifically to see giant pacific octopus. The wildfire of commentary also seems to be from people who enjoy visiting giant pacific octopi, and don’t want to see their tourism-objects killed, or dumped unrespectfully into the back of a pickup truck.  This marks a fascinating instance where, as with dolphins but not pigs, intelligence in animals has been a primary motivator for bans against hunting.  Once we mark certain animals as kin, even evolutionally convergent kin, it becomes taboo bordering on cannibalism to eat or mistreat them.Image