water mythology

Clearly I should learn Greek next year and get into water mythology in the original.  This website has a helpful link to mythological water deities:


Abzu – water lord in Sumerian mythology that threatens to take back the creation of men by a universal flood, but is imprisoned beneath the earth by Enki (Mesopotamia)
 – god of tides in Inuit mythology (Siberia, Greenland and Alaska)
Arnemetia – water goddess in British mythology
Asopus – river god in Greek mythology, and father to river nymph Aegina
– god of water in Aztec mythology (Central Mexico)
Atlaua – god of fishermen in Aztec mythology
Boann – goddess of the River Boyne in Irish mythology
Chalchiuhtlatonal – god of water in Aztec mythology
Doris – goddess of the Mediterranean Sea, wife of Nereus and mother of the Nereids in Greek mythology
Duberdicus – god of water in Lusitanian mythology (Portugal)
Dylan Eil Ton – sea god in Welsh mythology (pre-Christian Britons)
 – god of the freshwater ocean of groundwater under the earth in Sumerian mythology (also referred to as Ea)
Hydros – god of freshwater in Greek mythology
Manannán mac Lir – sea and weather god in Irish mythology
Neptune/ Poseidon – god of the sea in Roman and Greek mythology
Nereus – god of the Mediterranean Sea, shape-shifter, fortune-teller, and son of Gaia and Pontus in Greek mythology
Nethuns – god of wells in Etruscan mythology (Italy)
Ninhursag – goddess of the waters and consort of Enki in Sumerian mythology
 – pre-Olympian sea god in Greek mythology, and son of Gaia (earth) and Aether (air)
Proteus – early sea god in Greek mythology, he may be either a son of Poseidon, or of Oceanus and a Naiad
 – god of the sea in Illyrian mythology (Balkans)
Saraswati – goddess of knowledge in Hinduism, originally a river goddess (the Saraswati River was named after her)
 – goddess that walked on water in Inuit mythology
Trition – god of the sea and messenger of the deep in Greek mythology, son of Poseidon and Amphrite, and though to be a merman
 – water god with great magical powers in Native America (Lakota) mythology
Varun – god of rain and the celestial ocean (above heaven and below the Underworld) in Hinduism
 – god of the waters in Canaanite mythology (Canaan)
Yami – goddess of rivers, sister to the Hindu god of death and daughter of the Sun god 

Read more: http://www.lenntech.com/water-mythology.htm#ixzz1rJMgoqQO