Beluga: Imitations of human vocal sounds (finally!)

Although it sounds to me more like singing than speaking human type words, here it is:

doo de doooo

io9 raises a good question, though: if these were recordings from 1999, why are they being released so late?

read the original article here.

Whales in Postcolonial Literature

I just finished reading “What the Whale would Tell Us” in the edited collection “Postcolonial Ecologies,” and it has some great resources.

Postcolonial Whale Novels:
THe Hungry Tide, Amitav Ghosh (2004)
Whale Rider, Witi Ihimaera (1987)
People of the Whale, Linda Hogan (2008)
The Whale Caller, Zakes Mda (2005)

Cosmodolphins: Feminist Cultural Studies of Technology, Animals and the Sacred, by Mette Bryld and Nina Lykke
Writing for an Endangered World, Lawrence Buell (notes a shift in environmental thinking between Carson’s “The Sea Around us” and “Silent Spring”)
Routes and Roots, Elizabeth Deloughrey (read it already, excellent)
“Situating Ecology” Anthony Vital


John C. Lilly’s call to recognize the “Cetacean Nation